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The Brenda Johima Show

Sep 30, 2019

Welcome to Episode TWO of The Brenda Johima Show.


What it is like to be a newbie podcaster but still to just do it anyway? I am on that path.

What's it like to acknowledge publicly, post-concussion syndrome? It takes courage. My mild traumatic brain injury came on as the result of a car accident on June 28, 2000 which affects me daily to this day.

However, since this is no depressing podcast, we zip ahead to today—to inspire! 

You CAN overcome. You CAN get through. You CAN take action. You DO have COURAGE—it IS in there, even when you are alone and do not think it is. To be terrified and anxiety-ridden…bedridden—from multiple health challenges, I know it all too well.

However, courage does show up when you least expect it. 

This podcast is just one tiny example of mine, of how take what you cannot do any longer. Like for me, performing as a singer (yet) and turning it into what you CAN do.

While I no longer am performing as a singer, I am excited to now be using my speaking voice for the power of GOOD through podcasting.

Thank you for listening.

Brenda Johima

(For my own records, this episode was recorded on September 27th, 2019 and was to be published online that very same day but with the internet down for a couple of days, and after trying to get it online for 2 days, I am 3 days late. So now, onward!)